STQ Conference & 'Short Tests' Programme

Event Description

From 13 - 17 February 2006 VoIP manufactures in Taiwan will have the opportunity to test and optimize their VoIP implementations regarding speech quality and to attend a conference on speech quality. This opportunity is brought to interested parties by the Plugtests™ service of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), HEAD acoustics as test lab and CCL/ITRI as host and offers a Conference and a Short Tests Programme.

ETSI and HEAD acoustics both have many years of experience in the field of speech quality and speech quality testing: ETSI as a main source of standards and test specifications on speech quality as well as organizer of previous test events on speech quality in Europe and USA and HEAD acoustics as one of the world leading providers of measurement equipment for speech quality especially for VoIP solutions.

CCL/ITRI is a major player in Taiwan related to VoIP. Since the mid 90's, CCL/ITRI has been involved in research and development of IP telecommunication technology, and is the leading pioneer in VoIP research and development in Taiwan. The IP Telecommunication Laboratory (ITL) of CCL/ITRI provides testing and consulting services to the Taiwanese industry. In the context of the ETSI STQ events,  ITL of CCL/ITRI will be conducting additional tests.

Date and Location

13 - 17 February 2006, ITRI - Taiwan

Number of participants and companies

Short Tests Programme
19 participants from 6 companies