SIPit Interoperability Event 2011

The goal of this interoperability event was to refine both the protocol standards and its implementations in order to ensure that SIP is a globally interoperable protocol for real time Internet communication services and to advance the adoption and interoperability of IP communications products and services based on SIP. SIP is a fundamental component in ETSI NGN (Next Generation Networks) and 3GPP IMS Therefore contributing to interoperability of IP-enable equipment towards Fixed-Mobile convergence.

Companies brought both production and cutting-edge versions of their implementations thus ensuring that the latest features and services were tested and improved to the extent that they were interoperable.

This event reinforced the continued growth of interoperability and availability of advanced features among seasoned implementations and introduced a large number of new implementations into the interoperability tests. Overall, the event provided good feedback to the standardisation groups

Eighteen companies with almost forty participants attended this event.
Some of the participating companies had not attended any previous SIPit interoperability events and several of these companies brought engineering prototypes which made the event more interesting for all participants.