RFID Interoperability Event

RFID must operate globally since it is frequently used with products that move worldwide. It is therefore essential that equipment manufactured by different RFID vendors is interoperable. There are now approximately 10 manufacturers of interrogators operating at UHF and a similar number of foundries that produce the ASICs for the tags.

The purpose of these Plugtests is to investigate if there is a satisfactory level of interoperability between equipment supplied by these different vendors. This information will be of major strategic importance to those end-users who wish to use RFID on a global basis.

ETSI plan to conduct the Plugtests at the Metro Innovation Centre.
This event will be performed in real-world scenarios such as dock doors, conveyors, near field systems and portable applications. The tests will be run by neutral test supervisors.

Participation in the Plugtests will be of value to all manufacturers of RFID equipment that operate in the UHF band. This includes manufacturers of interrogators, foundries that fabricate the ASICs for the tags and tag manufacturers.

Participating vendors of interrogators are each invited to provide one interrogator together with software and any other items necessary for operation of their equipment. Also if vendors manufacture a portable device it would be appreciated if they could make one available.

Participating tag and ASIC manufacturers are each requested to provide an initial sample of 20 tags for preliminary assessment.  In addition they are each invited to provide a further 200 tags for the Plugtests.

Number of participants
Thirty one participants attended from sixteen different companies.