M2M Interoperability Demos 2013

The M2M Workshop provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the progress in the development of products based on ETSI M2M standards. At the point in time where Release 2 of ETSI M2M standards is published, the interoperability demonstrations intend to provide the telecommunication & IT community with an updated picture regarding state-of-the-art of products in this domain as well as the level of adoption of agreed specifications and standards.

The focus this year was on demos that are able to show multi vendors interoperability and horizontal service layer platforms.

Towards that goal the demos have among other things presented:
• Several implementations of ETSI M2M gateways and applications 
• Advanced device, application and communication management capabilities
• Integration of several M2M Area Network technologies via an M2M/IoT gateway towards a unified M2M      Service Enablement environment, including proper internet-of-things devices
• Semantic support for M2M systems
• SDK and high level APIs to ease application development
• Integration of the Cloud in the M2M world

We have selected 13 comprehensive demos, involving 15 companies.

The interoperability demonstrations were organized by TC M2M working together with ETSI’s Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI).

The interoperability demos executed during the event covered a varied cross section of application domains such as Smart Metering, Home automation, Energy Efficiency, Smart building, Smart City and Intelligent Transport System.

This event was important to the participating companies and many were keen to promote the event and their participation in it. Also local news media communicated on the event before and closely after the event:

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Please find here more information on the related M2M Workshop 2013.

This event was supported by the European Commission.