[email protected] Plugtests Event

Event Description

This event was the only ETSI provision in Europe in which companies could test interoperability and performance of their latest developments against each other in an engineering environment. Focusing on Triple Play services (Voice, Video , Data)
over DSL and over Powerline, including residential cabling.

Date and Location

26 - 30 June 2006, Lannion (France) 

Number of participants

122 participants from 40 companies

Technical Programme

DSL Physical Layer Interoperability

This year focused on the verification of the interoperability and cross-check systems performance in a multi-vendor environment for:

  • ADSL2, ITU-T G.992.3/4
  • ADSL2+, ITU-T G.992.5  
  • VDSL2, ETSI TS 101 270

The tests were conducted according to those specifications.

Multi vendor Triple Play Application Testing  Over DSL
This interoperability test event will be using the infrastructure set-up for the xDSL Plugtests by allowing access to equipments and services platforms enabling the usage of voice over ip, internet and TV (SD & HD)  and Video on Demand services thus allowing a life triple-play experience.  Manufacturers of CPE solutions, of CO solutions and Test tools vendors will have the opportunity to check the interoperability and performance of their products against the latest versions of CO and CPE solutions from all over the world.
Tests were run according to those specifications.

The Powerline relaying Triple Play services at Home as part of this Plugtests focused on QoS of services as HD/SD Video Streaming on home electrical networks and VoD.
Tests were run according to identified specifications.

Residential cabling
The Residential Cabling part of this Plugtests aimed at defining the right measurements and controls to verify interoperability possibilities of transmission solutions inside the home and quality of delivered services. Tests were run according to identified specifications.