Event description

The scope of this interoperability event was to prepare and execute ISUP/SIP interworking tests based on ETSI TISPAN TSS/TP/ATS draft test specifications and network integration tests(NIT) for the NGN Emulation and Interworking migration scenarios.

The aim of the event was to prepare and execute:

  • ISUP/SIP inter-working tests based on the draft ETSI TISPAN test specifications DTS/TISPAN-06014-3 (Interworking between SIP and BICC Protocol or ISDN User Part, Profile A and B; Part 2: ATS and PIXIT specification)
  • Partial execution of ISUP/SIP interworking tests based draft ETSI TISPAN test specifications DTS/TISPAN-06014-2 (Interworking between SIP Profile C and BICC or ISDN User Part, Part 1: TSS&TP)
  • End-to-end NGN emulation test scenarios with partial and/or full replacement of PSTN/ISDN networks of transit and/or local exchanges with PSTN/ISDN emulation subsystems (softswitches, IMS based PES), with the emphasis on SIP-I (SIP-T ) protocol interoperability for basic call setup, a set of PSTN/ISDN supplementary services and voice quality measurement

Equipments (call servers, trunk gateways, access or residential gateways) which will constitute part of the IUT, must support PSTN/ISDN call model and optionally SIP (profile A or B) call model, ISUP/SIP interworking, and SIP-I (SIP profile C) as NNI interface. Bearer control protocol is not in the scope of the test event, therefore it is strongly recommended that participating vendors provide both, call servers and gateways as elements constituting Type 3 GWs.