Event Description

In a handset market more segmented and more complex due to the proliferation of competitive devices, and in view of the need for these to work on multiple networks worldwide, mobile network operators expect Mobile Applications to be:

  • high quality products
  • compatible with the numerous mobile devices at the disposal of their customers
  • compliant with the networks specifications and requirements.

Two factors are instrumental to the success of Mobile Applications: 

  • access to the whole range of available handsets to enable better knowledge of its bugs and features to ensure porting of mobile applications
  • technological support and development tools from both network operators and device manufacturers

By organizing a Mobile Applications Plugtests™, ETSI offered to test the interoperability of devices, mobile applications, network components, performances, etc. against partners/competitors in a commercially secure environment.

The key objectives and benefits of the Mobile Applications Plugtests™ were:

  • Network operators: to find out about new mobile applications to broaden their mobile applications catalogue.
  • Handset manufacturers: to share their technological support and development tools to enable more mobile applications to run on their devices.
  • Mobile application developers: to test porting of their applications and meet face-to-face operators to check network compliance.

Date & Location

19 - 22 June 2006 - ETSI Headquarters

Participants in the following categories:

  • Developers: Audio Mobile Agency, GMRC/W+, Mobkit, Net Innovations, NPTV
  • Operators: Orange/France Telecom
  • Manufacturers: Unified Mobiles
  • Hosts and collaborators: jTest, ETS