M2M Interoperability Demos 2012

The objective of this event was to demonstrate the interoperability of products based on ETSI M2M standards. It is the second in a series of complementary activities focussing on M2M interoperability, covering architectural components specified in the ETSI M2M standards, including M2M devices, gateways with associated interfaces, applications, access technologies and M2M Service Capabilities. This interoperability event was held in parallel to the M2M Workshop held from 24-25 October 2012 in Mandelieu, France.

The interoperability scenarios executed during the event covered a varied cross section of application domains such as Smart Energy Applications, Environmental Sensing Applications, eHealth Applications, Intelligent Transport System Applications, Ambient Assisted Living, Robotic Application, Home Automation, Medical Appliances, Advanced Smart Metering, Entertainment and Safety.

The interoperability demonstrations were closely coupled to the M2M Workshop and major telecom & IT equipment manufacturers, operators, ETSI technical committees and other standardization organisations active in this domain attended this event.

The number of demos this year was considerably higher – 13 comprehensive demos involving 28 companies. The companies involved in the M2M Workshop interoperability demonstrations included Actility; Alcatel-Lucent; Ericsson and ST Microelectronics; Fraunhofer Fokus with the University of Berlin; Gemalto; GridPocket with Sierra Wireless; Huawei; InterDigital with Intecs, Intel, the FP7 Project BUTLER, Kontron, MFormation, Sensinode, and Telefonica; LAAS-CNRS; NEC; Modacom with KT and picosNet; the Orange Lab with Technicolor; the University of Piraeus with Thales, Innotec, Create-Net and Zigpos. This representation is balanced across different regions including participation from Europe, the US and Korea.

The demos have, once again, covered a comprehensive cross section of the application domains such as: Smart Metering, Home Automation, Energy Efficiency, Smart building, Smart City, Smart Parking, Exercise, Gaming and Home Energy Management Systems linked with Social Networking Services.

Following the event an ETSI news release was published at: http://www.etsi.org/WebSite/NewsandEvents/2012_11_3rd_ETSI_M2M_Workshop.aspx

This event was important to the participating companies and many were keen to promote the event and their participation in it. We were aware of news releases from:

• Actility:
- http://www.actility.com/news/3rd-etsi-tc-m2m-workshop
- http://www.actility.com/news/etsi-m2m-onem2m-workshop

• Interdigital:

• Sensinode:

• Butler FP7 project: