ITS Cooperative Mobility Services 2

Following the success of the first event in Helmond (NL) in November 2011, it was decided to hold a second CMS Plugtests event from 11th to 15th June, 2012. More than fifteen companies with over forty five participants met at IFSTTAR's Versailles-SATORY test site.

Similar to the first Plugtests, this event aimed to test the interoperability of ITS equipment from all key vendors implementations of ITS protocols CAM, DENM, BTP, GeoNetworking and ITS-G5. This event focused on GeoNetworking and included new tests such as Contention-based fowarding, GeoUnicast and IPv6 over geo-networking. Furthermore intelligent intersection information exchange (TOPO/SPAT) were tested in order to prepare for the DRIVE C2X / Testfeld Telematik Demo taking place at the ITS World Congress in Vienna (22 - 26 October).

This event intended to help the acceleration of the ITS standardization as well as to find recommendations for ongoing and future projects to lead the deployment of cooperative ITS systems.

The aim of this Plugtests was to assess the level of interoperability and to validate the base specifications. A very detailed preparation was required in order to allow for a smooth and efficient test week. During the event the implementations were connected via a test network to the Central Position Server (CPS) which provided, for each test scenario, the appropriate GPS feed.

The GPS server was provided by IFFSTAR. For the tests of the multi hop scenarios a radio bench setup was provided by TNO.

A Plugtests guide containing 53 interoperability tests as well as the interoperability tool suite of wiki, scheduling and test reporting tool was provided by ETSI.

Conformance test sessions were conducted throughout the week with the support from Testing Technologies and Cohda Wireless and a geo position visualization tool was provided by Fraunhofer FOKUS.