HDMI Plugfest Event

HDMI has been adopted across the CE industry as the connection of choice for carrying digital uncompressed display data between products and is now installed in millions of products worldwide. HDMI also incorporates HDCP copy protection and CEC for controlling devices. HDMI requires all products to pass a series of tests specifed by HDMI before a product can use the HDMI logo.

This plugfest aims to extend the existing HDMI testing programme by providing an opportunity to test implementations against products from other manufacturers. This provides a more 'lifelike' test and better represents how products will actually be used in the user's own home.

The plugfest offers 1:1 testing with established test equipment, according to the specifications. The plugfest will also provide a set of 'whole system' tests, something that has not been generally available before. For these tests, a system comprising of, for instance, a TV, STB, DVD and Home Theatre amplifier, all from different manufacturers, will be tested together using some typical user scenarios.

Pure HDMI testing has been well established for several years and this plugfest will focus on CEC and HDCP. HDMI testing (except for the PHY layer) will also be available.

Manufacturers coming to this plugfest will be able to:

  • have their products tested against the test equipment for CEC, HDCP and part of HDMI;
  • test their products against other manufacturer's products;
  • test their products in a typical system of HDMI products from different manufacturers, emulating how their products will react in real life;
  • use the tests for final stages of product development to identify any unforseen system problems.

Number of participants
Fourty two participants attended this event from nine different companies.