FMCA-Seamless Mobility

Customers want to enjoy a seamless high quality experience when using converged devices and services on different networks. Currently no solution has been widely adopted that can enable this customer experience when users move across different network access technologies using multi-mode devices.

The FMCA aimed to address this customer requirement by organising interoperability test (IOT) events and user trials to deliver seamless handovers across different network access technologies including Wi-Fi, WiMax, Ethernet and 3G. Best practice guidelines will also be published based on the key learning's from these events.

This particular interoperability event – hosted and managed by ETSI will test 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIH) implementations. IEEE 802.21 is a new standard (January 2009) that offers a number of services which facilitate heterogeneous handovers and service continuity. For this technology to be commercially adopted, it is vital that differing implementations of these services are tested by both Operator and Vendors.

Therefore, this event was key for any Operators considering MIH services in their current or future portfolio or Vendors with current or future MIH-based offerings.

Provide interoperability testing with a focus on the following:

  • Provide user trials to test, evaluate and refine proposed solutions and profile descriptions
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for organisations who wish to carry out interoperability testing (ETSI NDA protected)
  • Develop best practice guidelines for convergence interoperability across organisations and technologies
  • Produce a customer driven solution to address the need for seamless mobility
  • Develop a framework to allow operators and vendors to share MIH development experiences, strategies, measurement results and roadmaps
  • Accelerate the development and availability of fit for purpose multi-mode converged devices capable of supporting seamless mobility based on the IEEE 802.21 standard
  • Accelerate the development of network infrastructure to support these services and facilitate seamless inter-technology handover and roaming
  • Publish learning's to industry including guidelines, specifications and profiles based on IEEE 802.2

This event is open to FMCA, ETSI and IEEE members - Technology vendors, telecoms operators and service providers will all benefit from participation.

Those who do not wish to participate but have an interest in this technology and would like to attend as 'Observers' will benefit from:

  • Post-Plugtests Live demonstrations and interactive Q&A session
  • Discussions on local customer solutions with participants
  • Guest invitation to the FMCA Technical Review Meeting to hear industry specialist presentations
  • ... and 50% discount on the participant cost.


Secure and safe environment to carry out interoperability testing.

On site technical support will be available from ETSI and the FMCA team throughout testing.

Interoperating products
Demonstrate interoperability and performance levels based on specific use cases and demonstration guidelines.

Build relationships, network, and share experiences with other participants.

Summary of findings will be published to industry, giving you the chance to promote your products qualities, features and technical developments.

Find out more about FMCA, ETSI and their roles in industry.

Number of participants
22 participants attended from 13 companies.