FMCA Interoperability Week

The FMCA Interoperability Week has been designed solely with the customer in mind.
The event will bring together FMCA Members, Associates and wider industry to demonstrate the importance of meeting customer needs with easy to use, secure and interoperable Convergent products and services.

Through a range of Equipment Performance & Interoperability Guidelines that are based on the published FMCA Product Requirements Definition (PRD), the event will create the ideal environment for leading telecom operators, vendors and industry thought leaders to demonstrate how customer value can be created through high performance, fully interoperable products and services.

Aims of the Event

- Execute interoperability testing based on the FMCA PRD 3.0 Requirements ( with  the main  focus on the following:

- User Interface
- Mobility & Service Continuity
- Seamless Authentication and Roaming
- Quality of Service.

- Initiate the formation of a group of organisations who wish to carry out Interoperability Testing in a safe, secure environment.

- Suggest common best practice for Convergence Interoperability across organisations and technologies

- Demonstrations to be presented at  the first FMCA Interoperability Conference on Thursday

Number of participants
Thirty one participants attended from nine different organisations.

Press Release
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