The purpose of this event was to do the preliminary tests for the mitigation method developed in ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF) 397.

It was felt to be very important to carry out and pass these tests, in order to be able to show that the mitigation methods developed in STF 397 are really working for a co-existence between GSM-R in the ER-GSM band and RFID in the 915-921 MHz band.

The European Commission has identified RFID as a technology that can bring fundamental improvements to the Community. Already RFID is being adopted at an increasing rate across a wide range of applications.By 2022 it is estimated that the global annual consumption of tags at UHF will have reached 86 billion.

In order to accommodate the spectrum needs for the increasing number of RFID devices and systems, an extension band has been requested for high power RFID systems in the range between 915 MHz and 921 MHz.

In Europe, part of this new frequency band will be shared between the primary user GSM-R and RFID. In order to guarantee an interference-free coexistence between the two systems, ETSI ERM TG34 has developed mitigation techniques in STF 397 Phases 1 and 2 defined in Technical Specifications TS 102 902 and TS 102 903.

The purpose of the Phase 3 of the STF 397 was to validate that the mitigation techniques specified during former phases perform as intended in a real operating environment. The requirement for these tests is essential in order to demonstrate that ER-GSM and RFID can co-exist in the same band. To carry out these tests, ETSI CTI in support of the STF 397 has organized 2 test events : The preliminary tests in Koelleda (Germany) and the Fnal Tests in Wiesbaden (Germany). The events were held in September and October 2012.

These 2 events gave to the railways a comprehensive trial of the mitigation technique at an operational site in order to allow them to give their formal agreement for RFID to share the band with ER-GSM. A successful outcome to the trial will also assist ECC in recommending the designation of additional spectrum for RFID at UHF. 

The results from the tests are presented in a Technical Report TR 101 602 approved by ETSI ERM TG34 in January 2013.