eHealth / Connectathon 2011

The goal of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative is to stimulate integration of healthcare information resources to improve clinical care.
ETSI has a unique experience of automated interoperability testing. The objective of ETSI's proactive participation and contribution to Connectahon 2011 was to provide these services in the wider context of the global IHE community. Particular advances in 2011 are improved test cases with additional checking of PIX profile requirements.

A total of 2100 interoperability tests were carried out and of these 1950 passed. 56 integration profiles and 75 systems were tested in several domains (Radiology, Cardiology, ITInfrastructure, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Patient Care Coordination) by 63 companies bringing together over 430 engineers. This included the first cross-border exchange of real patient data among 13 Member States of the European Union during a parallel testing event organized by epSOS called Projectathon For the second time, the Connectathon was entirely managed by Gazelle, the test management tool developed by IHE (

A total of 78 companies participated in this event.