Coexistence Interoperability of ETSI ITS-G5 & DSRC

Two important documents guide ETSI's work in the automotive domaine: European Decision 2009 which specifies 5.8 Ghz technology for electronic toll collection, and EC mandate 453 for Intelligent Transport Systems, which specifies 5.9 Ghz technology. Because these frequencies are adjacent, initial research indicated that they could potentially interfere with each other.

The objective of this event was to identify special mitigation techniques that could help avoid harmful interference between toll service DSRC frequencies and those of ITS G5 used for ad-hoc communication in vehicular network.

This event was hosted at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy from 4 to 8 July 2011.

This Plugtests event enabled the validation of the measurement methods and test setups, and a revision of ETSI TR 102 960 was provided. All measurement results are documented in ETSI TR 102 960. As well as this, the test standards series was vallidated and was published as the ETSI TS 102 916 series.