DECT is one of the world's most widely deployed wireless communication technologies. The next generation of DECT is called CAT-iq which stands for Cordless Advanced Technology-internet and quality. CAT-iq will tap into the mighty potential of the ip network as it gets integrated into the Home Gateway
As with every major technology breakthrough, Interoperability across silicon manufacturers and system integrators is a vital element for a successful roll out. The aim of this event was to ensure that Silicon Manufacturers, System Vendors, OEMs, and Carriers could test the interoperability of their implementations against other devices and systems.

As the first event for the CAT-iq technology, it was interesting to see that participants from both Asia and Europe were able to attend.

During this event, 35 test sessions were held with 68 tests being carried out per session. Due to NDA constraints, the results of these sessions must remain anonymous, however of the 35 reported sessions, 34 were agreed. This represents a success rate of 97.1%

The results of this event, sent an important message to the Industry about the maturity of CAT-iq 2.0 and helped to pave the way for a successful Certification Program and market launch.