Air Traffic Management VoIP Plugtests 4

This event aimed to test the interoperability of the latest version of the EUROCAE standard and to perform interoperability tests between Voice Communication Systems (VCS), Ground Radio Stations (GRS) and Recorder Systems (REC). In order to ensure interworking between systems, issues regarding signalling protocol definition, parameter configuration and Air Traffic Service feature functionalities also needed to be clearly defined.
When compared with the previous Plugtests events on VoIP for ATM, this event has shown a real increase in the interoperability between the VCS and the GRS provided by various participating companies.

The results gained from this event clearly show that the VoIP call types and the wide range of Air Traffic Services (ATF) features specified by the ED 137 interoperability documents have now been developed and implemented by the main European VCS and Radio Suppliers with a hig level of interoperability achieved. This will in turn, lead to ATM VoIP VCS and GRS deployment by ANSPs in the very near future for operational use in the framework of the Single European Sky (SES).

For the first time in a Plugtests event covering this technology, voice recorder suppliers who are currently developing VoIP interfaces were also invited to join. This meant that a total of four Voice Communication Systems (VCS), five Ground Radio Stations (GRS) and five Recorder Systems (REC) were supplied

This event was attended by thirteen companies from nine countries worldwide. Twelve of these companies actively participated in the testing while STG Technologies attended on behalf of the FAA, in order to observe the event.