ASiC Remote Plugtests 2012

In anwer to the European Commission Mandate 460 on Electronic Signatures Standardization, ETSI has initiated several Specialist Task Forces projects (STF).

The STF428 addressed the needs of Testing activities which should be performed rapidly leading to a quick and easy improvement of the functionality of the existing e-Signature standardization deliverables and bringing them up to date with current practices.

One of the purposes of the STF 428 was to prepare a first interoperability test event on ASiC (Associated Signature Container ETSI TS 102 918) signatures This preparation includes:

  • The production of the whole test suite
  • The production of all the material documenting how to conduct the interoperability event
  • The deployment in the ETSI portal of the suitable PKI and tools required for supporting the interoperability test event conduction

Following the STF 428, ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) organized the first remote Plugtests Interop event for ASiC Signatures from 19 November to 21 December 2012. The event was initially planned to end on 7th December but it has been extended to 21st December following several requests from the participants. The reason was that the amount of testing activities was extremely high within the initial scheduled period, due to high participation in the event as well as the high number of test descriptions agreed.

This Remote event aimed at conducting interoperability test cases on ASiC signatures (Associated Signature Container ETSI TS 102 918). This testing provided full test coverage of this specification.

Several updates to the ETSI specifications have been transformed into Change Request documents which have been presented to the ETSI ESI meeting in March 2013.

Full details are available at: