Air Traffic Management VoIP Plugtests 3

The third EUROCAE VoIP in ATM (Air Traffic Management) Plugtests™ Event held at the ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis between 1st March and 5th March 2010 had the scope of testing the Telephone Gateways Interoperability of 6 VCS suppliers that attended the event. Six VCS suppliers tested their Gateway for SIP v ATS-R2 interworking while 4 VCS suppliers also tested their Gateway for SIP v ATS-QSIG interworking.

Tests defined in the EUROCONTROL Gateway test specifications were employed during the event. These define all the relevant SIP v ATS-R2 and SIP v ATS-QSIG gateway interworking tests. Tests defined in these specifications have been divided into two groups for Incoming and Outgoing Gateway and further divided into 3 sub-groups relating to Direct Access Call, Call Interruption and Call Intrusion tests.

The interoperability tests defined in these specifications relate to Signalling Interworking between SIP and ATS-R2 as specified in Chapter 4 of the EUROCAE ED-137 Part 2 Telephone document February 2009. and to Signalling Interworking between SIP and ATS-QSIG as specified in Chapter 6 of the EUROCAE ED-137 Part 2 Telephone document February 2009.

These Gateways Plugtests event has completed the series of functional Plugtests for ATM VoIP communication by performing Gateways tests between VCS to enable a soft transition from legacy to VoIP systems expected to be operated by European ANSPs as from 2013.