8th GPON Interoperability Test Event

ETSI Plugtests™ has hosted the 8th GPON Interoperability Test Event, from 22 to 26 June 2009 in Sophia Antipolis. The organization of the event results from a co-operation between ETSI and France Telecom. The test plan was developed within the framework of the FSAN Interoperability Task Group activities.

This Interoperability event aimed to:
• enable participants to assess the level of interoperability of OMCI implementations by using various service architectures,
• give vendor the opportunity to verify the maturity of their products,
• achieve further progress on GPON interoperability in a full OMCI context, by detecting interoperability issues.

The test plan is primarily dedicated to verify that the ITU-T OMCI Implementers' guide version 1 and the Broadband Forum Technical Report TR-156 allow "plug and play" GPON interoperability.

49 participants from 21 companies participated in this Plugtests™.


All ONT vendors passed complete test sessions against at least 3 OLT vendors. Furthermore an additional blindfold pairing sessions enabled each OLT vendors to be tested against all ONT vendors. Using these complementary types of test session permitted to have achieved testing across all vendors.
During the test sessions, several issues related to the way of implementations and understanding the standards were raised.

Part of an ongoing series of GPON test events, this latest Plugtests™ event has brought industry confidence in GPON products to a high level, as observed by Regis Coat (France Telecom), Chair of the FSAN Interoperability Task Group, who said:“The Sophia-Antipolis event showed that plug and play GPON interoperability is almost fully achieved. Thanks to the strategy FSAN operators have built in 2008, GPON vendors have now clear guidance to reach the target. We will be able to confirm the good maturity of the GPON technology again during the ninth test event which will take place in China in November 2009”.

Paolo Solina (Telecom Italia), Chair of the FSAN Optical Access Network Working Group added:
“The decision to create an OMCI Implementers’ Guide, which is now an ITU-T Standard, has been for FSAN the key element for the achievement of a full OMCI interoperability, as the Sophia Antipolis event has shown.”.

Michael Shaffer – FSAN OMCI Implementation Study Group co-ordinator said:
"This event has shown that OMCI implementations can now support a full range of Ethernet based services in a mixed vendor environment. It goes well beyond the simple Ethernet pipe interoperability that has been demonstrated using other technologies".