6th GPON Interoperability Test Event

ETSI is pleased to announce the successful completion of the sixth FSAN-sponsored GPON interoperability test event held 31 March - 4 April in Torino, Italy, organized by ETSI and Telecom Italia with the support of France Telecom. 

The main goal of this ETSI Plugtests™ event was to demonstrate the interoperability of GPON equipment at the service layer in a full OMCI (ONT Management & Control Interface) context. Detailed test cases were carried out to verify the provisioning of services in a multi-vendor environment. 

The test results demonstrated that several data service models can be successfully provisioned using OMCI.  There were a total of 56 pairings during the event with each pairing consisting of 10 test cases covering different VLAN configurations.  

The ITU G.984 GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) standard enables line rates of 2.5 Gbps in the downstream direction (central office to customer) and 1.2 Gbps in the upstream direction (customer to central office).  This allows network operators to efficiently handle bandwidth requirements for services like HD IPTV, online-gaming, Ethernet services, VoIP and TDM over fibre.  

16 Participating Companies, 8 OLT and 13 ONT implementations,4 chipset vendors, 10 system vendors, 6 ONT-only vendors, 1 OLT-only vendor.