4th Speech Quality Tests Event (SQTE)

Event Description

ETSI and HEAD acoustics pursued their success with the 4th SQTE in EU. HEAD acoustics performed speech quality measurements on the VoIP equipment of participating manufacturers. As previously these speech quality tests were single vendor tests and not interoperability tests between different manufacturers.

The idea remained unchanged - whilst benefiting from the experiences gained from the 3 previous SQTEs.

The SQTE tests analyzed and compared speech quality parameters for VoIP equipment. HEAD acoustics discussed and analyzed test results individually with each manufacturer and examined the test results anonymously in order to provide a 'state of the art' overview of the performance of VoIP equipment on the market. The published anonymous report from the 4th SQTE allowed a direct comparison of both implementation details and identified strengths and weaknesses ('Quality Pies'). The results of this event will again provide a world wide speech quality benchmark.

Date and Location

22 May - 30 June 2006 - HEAD acoustics lab., Herzogenrath (Germany)

In Cooperation with

ETSI Technical Committee STQ (Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects)

Number of Participants

4 companies, testing 6 gateways and 4 IP phones