3rd [email protected]

ETSI, INRIA and CoreGRID decided to organize an enhanced GRID PLUGTESTSTM event, the 3rd [email protected] This event took place from the 27th November to the 1st of December 2006 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. 

This event was composed of:

-a series of conferences and tutorials
-a 3rd GRID PLUGTESTSTM, during which two competitions took place: 

  • The N-Queens Contest (10 teams) where the aim was to find the number of solutions to the N-queens problem, N being as big as possible, in a limited amount of time
  • The Flowshop Contest (3 teams)

 The objective of this event was to bring together Grid Researchers, Industrials and Users, to learn through the Grid users experience about the future features needed for the Grid platform, to learn how to best program Grid aware applications and to get important feedback on the deployment and interoperability of Grid applications on various Grid.

The contests final results are available here : N-Queens and FlowShop final Results

Agenda of the event
Click here to see an overview of the conferences and tutorials that were schedule

GRID Middlewares & Infrastructures
This event took place on a Grid infrastructure with many different machines and protocol.

Number of participants
200 participants from many different countries.