3Play Over Broadband Technologies: Physical Layer part

Whatever the technology used (copper, wireless network or optical fibre), there is a common and recognized need to increase the bandwidth in order to improve services for customers.

This event was a unique opportunity during which companies could test interoperability and performance of their latest developments against each other in an engineering environment. Focusing on Triple Play services (Voice, Video, Data) over DSL.


This year focused on the verification of the interoperability and cross-check systems performance in a multi-vendor environment for:

  • ADSL2, ITU-T G.992.3/4
  • ADSL2+, ITU-T G.992.5
  • VDSL2, ETSI TS 101 270


Services like Voice over IP (H323, SIP), Digital TV (Standard Definition and High-Definition), video on demand (VoD) and high-speed internet access were provided all along the event to participants so as to test their solutions.

This year, the test suite proposed was tailored in conjunction with the IST FP6 European project MUSE. The overall objective of MUSE is the research and development of a future, low cost, multi-service access network. The access network provided secure connectivity between end-user terminals and edge nodes in a multi-provider environment. It should be suited for the ubiquitous delivery of broadband services to every European citizen.

Tests were executed over an environment where a Residential Gateway either routed or bridged, located within the customer premises, was point-to-point connected via a broadband technology to a Multi-service Access Node (MSAN). This access node provided some Ethernet interfaces so as to connect the aggregation network which will aggregate the traffic flow towards the IP backbone where the services platforms were situated.

This interoperability test event used the infrastructure set-up for the xDSL Plugtests by allowing access to equipments and services platforms Manufacturers of CPE solutions, of CO solutions and Test tools vendors had the opportunity to check the interoperability and performance of their products against the latest versions of CO and CPE solutions from all over the world.

pdfReport on Triple Play over Physical Layer tests

Number of participants: 75 participants from 30 companies