3G & Mobile Broadband User Experience Conference and Interoperability Event

Event description and Goals

Mobile ICT plays an increasingly important role in the daily lives and activities of many people. There is a great potential for further improving the user experience, if connectivity and interoperability between 3G and broadband networks, devices, services, applications and the Internet are designed in a way that makes them usable by and accessible to all end users.
This is foreseen to contribute to a more successful uptake of future, more advanced services of commercial and public interest and those improving the accessibility for young children and the elderly or impaired users.
The common goal of those attending this event was to come together, examine and learn about the user experience and interoperability of 3G and mobile broadband end user environment.

The event aimed for the following objectives :

  • Organization of a conference looking at the user requirements, human factors and practical experiences of 3G and mobile broadband enabled communication solutions;
  • Organization of a first-ever user experience-centric interoperability event, to provide valuable insight and feedback to the mobile industry, user representatives, standardisation bodies, policy makers and other stakeholders about the user experience and interoperability of 3G and mobile broadband services;
  • Development of a Technical Specification (draft available here - from March 15th), introducing a procedure that can also be applied to the future work and some specific use cases as guidance to be used during dedicated PLUGTESTSTM sessions during the event;
  • Introduce a Technical Specification providing a generic procedure (that can also be applied to future work) and specific cases as guidance during the dedicated sessions;
  • Examine the functional requirements and interoperability of mobile and Web-based, real-time text telephony in detail;
  • Report upon the outcome and conclusions, including the provision of future recommendations, providing some useful guidance to the stakeholders;
  • Identify future work areas.