2nd Lawful Interception Event

Further to the success of the first LI Plugtest that took place in 2006 in ETSI headquarters the ETSI Plugtests Service organized its second edition, this time with the technical partnership of FTR&D, who has supplied the whole network infrastructure, and coordinated the technical organization of the event.
Lawful interception (LI) plays a crucial role in helping law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activity. Lawful interception of public telecommunications systems in each country is based on national legislation in that country. The purpose of standardization of lawful interception in ETSI is to facilitate the economic realization of lawful interception that complies with the national and international conventions and legislation.
The Technical Committee on Lawful Interception (TC LI) is the leading body for lawful interception standardization within ETSI.
LI Plugtests' objective was to validate the work made by ETSI TC LI. As the specifications produced by this committee describe the handover interface between Mediation function and LEMF, the Plugtests event was focused on this interface.

Companies invited to this event were Mediation Device Manufacturers, LEMF Device Manufacturers and others companies which products follow the specifications tested.

Date & Location
From the 17th to the 21st of September 2007 in Lannion.