1st UMTS Femtocell Plugfest

The primary objective of the 1st UMTS FemtoCell Plugfest event was to demonstrate the interoperability between the FemtoCell access point (residential equipment) and the network equipments.

The types of equipments, which were tested during this event, are as following:

  • FemtoCell access points (FAP), also named interchangeably Home Node B (HNB)

  • Security Gateways (SeGW)

  • Femto Gateways (FGW), also named interchangeably Home Node B Gateways (HNB-GW)

In order to execute some tests, HNB-GW needed also to be connected to Core Network equipments (CS and PS). The core network equipments were either real network equipments in the labs or simulated core network.