What we do

We make world class standards

Our Mission Statement describes our primary task – to produce top-quality standards for information and communications technologies, including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies. The list of these technologies is long and wide-ranging. See more information on how to get ETSI standards.

We were originally established to make standards for Europe and we still have a special role as a recognized European Standards Organization. But we are now also widely respected as a producer of standards for worldwide use and we work with numerous organizations at the global level.

We produce different types of standards to meet the different needs of business and society. These needs include:

  • facilitating trade
  • enabling economies and efficiencies
  • achieving interoperability
  • enhancing consumer protection and confidence

We share our technical expertise

We have more than a quarter of a century of experience in making high-quality standards which have been adopted all over the world, driving technological progress and economic growth.

We draw on this technical excellence to provide additional services:

We support emerging technologies

The progress of innovation requires a balance between collaboration and competition. Standards provide a foundation to achieve this balance and help enable new technologies.

We therefore maintain close links with the R&D community and academia and we support the development of new technologies through a variety of mechanisms.

We work in partnership with other standards bodies

Experience has shown us that working with others is the best way to:

  • align our standards with those produced by others
  • avoid the duplication of effort
  • ensure our work is widely accepted and implemented

We have therefore built up a portfolio of partnership agreements with international and regional Standards Development Organizations and fora and consortia around the world, which you can consult in our database of partnership agreements.

We publish Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) from other standards bodies as ETSI Technical Specifications or Technical Reports.

Our Vision and our Long Term Strategy

We lay out our aims and aspirations as an organization in our Vision and our Long Term Strategy.