The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body in ETSI. It is responsible for:

  • Determining our overall policy and strategy
  • Agreeing budgets
  • Dealing with membership issues
  • Appointing the members of the ETSI Board
  • Appointing the Director-General
  • Appointing the Finance Committee members
  • Endorsing external agreements
  • Approving changes to our Statutes and Rules of Procedure

The GA delegates routine business and specific activities – including day-to-day management of our technical work – to the ETSI Board.

The ETSI Directives provide full details about the role and responsibilities of the GA.

Membership and meetings

All members of ETSI are members of the GA and are invited to attend the meetings. Representatives of the European Commission (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) attend as counsellors. They offer valuable advice but have no right to vote.

GA officials

Neviana Dominique Massimo 
Neviana Nikoloski
Chair General Assembly
Communications AG
Dominique Wurges
Vice Chair 
General Assembly
Massimo Vanetti
Vice Chair 
General Assembly
SBS aisbl

The ETSI Board

The ETSI Board is the executive arm of the General Assembly (GA). The GA has delegated various day-to-day management tasks to the Board including:

  • Overseeing our Work Programme
  • Approving Terms of Reference (ToRs) for our technical committees, ETSI projects and Coordination groups
  • Endorsing the appointment of technical committee chairs
  • Approving resources and ToRs for Specialist Task Forces
  • Advising the GA on budget and finance issues

The ETSI Directives provide full details about the role and responsibilities of the Board.

Board members

The Board comprises elected, and ex-officio non-voting, members. The Director-General is an ex-officio non-voting member.

The Chair of the General Assembly, the ETSI Counsellors, and the Finance Committee Chair shall have the right to participate in Board meetings, without the right to vote.

Board officials

Dirk Markus Simon Nick
Dirk Weiler
Chair Board
Markus Mueck
Vice Chair Board
Deutschland GmbH
Simon Hicks
Vice Chair Board
Department for Digital, Culture,

Media and Sport
Nick Sampson
Vice Chair Board
& Chair OCG

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by the Director-General and three Chief Executive Officers. It comprises about 120 employees who provide technical, administrative and logistical support for all our activities.

It is based at Sophia Antipolis technology park in the south of France. The teams work in a purpose-built main headquarters building and the adjacent Einstein Building.

Luis Adrian Corinne Vincent
Luis Jorge Romero
Adrian Scrase
Corinne Elena
Vincent Depagne
IT & Connectivity

For contacts in the Secretariat please refer to our Contact us page.

The work of the Secretariat

  • The Secretariat supports individual committees and projects
  • The Centre for Testing and Interoperability provides support and assistance to our technical committees. It ensures standards are well-written, complete, clear, unambiguous and well structured
  • A team of editing specialists assists with the processing, approval and publication of the standards drafted by our committees. The team also runs editHelp!, a dedicated service with practical aids for drafting standards
  • We provide communication services to ensure information on ETSI’s work is available and known
  • We host meetings of ETSI committees in the Secretariat
  • We organize workshops and events
  • We have relationships with external organizations such as the European Commission and other standardization organizations
  • We also manage financial aspects, the IT services, legal services and our human resources