Starting New Activities

Our complete standards-making process – from conception right through to approved standard – is well-defined and based on consensus and transparency.

Suggestions for new standardization activities can come from various sources. For example:

  • Our members may make a direct request to bring an activity into ETSI. Such a proposal needs the agreement of just four members of ETSI.
  • From time to time the ETSI Board adopts ‘Strategic Topics ’ where we can help develop an emerging technical area.
  • The European Commission (EC) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) may propose activities.
  • Contacts with external groups, such as research projects, may trigger new work for us.
  • Our staff may identify new opportunities and initiatives.

Our members themselves decide what work we will do. Our entire membership is given the opportunity to endorse a proposal, or to object to it if they so wish. This ensures that all of our work serves the broad information and communications technology community.

Early standardization and R&D

The introduction of standardization as early as possible in the development of a new technology provides a solid foundation for its future exploitation. It is enormously beneficial for R&D projects to begin early standardization or even pre-standardization activities in a recognized, global standards environment. So we participate in collaborative research projects and monitor R&D to identify relevant areas for possible standardization.

We have helped to produce useful guidelines for researchers on how to build standardization into their project proposals and work plans.

For further help with introducing standardization into your R&D project, please contact our innovation team.