Use of ETSI trade marks

ETSI members are authorized to use the ETSI trademarks in an appropriate and approved manner on, or in relation to, standard-compliant equipment and/or services, provided they comply with the conditions below. Specific additional rules apply to the use of the ETSI logo – see below.

Non-members of ETSI wishing to use ETSI trademarks are subject to these same conditions but they must also apply to our Communications team for authorization.

Terms and conditions for the use of ETSI trademarks

To maintain the integrity of our trademarks and to preserve their exclusivity, they must be used according to the following guidelines:

  • No possessives – Since a trademark is not a noun, it must never be used in possessive form. For example, one would not refer to “DECT’s features” but rather to “...the features of the DECT™ technology” or “the DECT™ technology’s features”.
  • No plurals – Since a trademark is not a noun, it must never be used in plural form. For example, one would not refer to “DECTs” but rather to “DECT systems”.
  • No verbs – Since a trademark is not a verb, it must never be used as a verb. For example, one should not “TIPHON-ize” or engage in “UMTS-standardizing”.
  • No puns – Our trademarks represent our standards, the symbols of ETSI goodwill worldwide. They should be treated with respect as valuable assets. Accordingly, they should not be used as the object of puns.
  • trademark attribution – trademark ownership relevant to ETSI is attributed with the use of the trademark symbol TM placed immediately after the trademark. The symbol can be placed either in superscript or subscript.
  • trademark legend – In conjunction with the symbol TM, the following legend must be used: “UMTS (for instance) is a trademark of ETSI”.
  • Institute name use – The ETSI name is not only a trademark used to identify our standards, it is also the name of our Institute. When using the ETSI name as a reference to the Institute, “ETSI” may be used as a noun (for instance, in a press release) and the symbol TM need not be used.
  • ETSI Members should not use ETSI acronyms as names for their equipment or services.
  • Members and others should not use, or make application for the registration of, ETSI trademarks (acronyms) either alone or in combination with other marks, logos, acronyms or the like, because this would dilute the distinctiveness of the ETSI trademark.

Terms and conditions for use of the ETSI logo

In addition to the conditions listed above, the following rules apply to the use of the ETSI logo:

  • The ETSI logo shall not be used for certification purposes
  • The ETSI logo shall only be used in the form supplied by ETSI and shall not be used in a modified form
  • When used on a website, any hyperlink associated with the ETSI logo shall only point to the ETSI website (
  • The logo shall be used in accordance with the pdfETSI Brand Guidelines

For further information, please contact our Legal team.