Specialist Task Forces

Specialist Task Forces (STFs) are teams of highly skilled experts, brought together to perform specific technical work under the direction of one of our technical committees. This committee is ultimately responsible for approving the standards produced by the STF.

STFs enable us to accelerate the standardization process in areas of strategic importance and in response to urgent market needs.

In a typical year we may have anything around 40 active STFs accessible via the ETSI Portal, involving over 150 experts from more than 20 different nations. This concentrated effort is the equivalent to about 25 man/years’ work every year, and about 20% of our standards (except 3GPP) are drafted this way. STFs are therefore a significant factor in our ability to produce standards in a timely manner and, particularly, where they are urgently needed.

How STFs work

The experts who make up our STFs are proposed by or supported by member companies. They work part-time for the STF, according to the requirements of the project and their own availability.

Funding for STFs comes from various sources:

  • directly from the ETSI budget
  • from the European Commission (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • through voluntary contributions from interested members of ETSI

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