The Secretariat

Secretariat structure

Secretariat structure

Secretariat management

The Secretariat is headed by the Director General and 4 CxOs. It comprises about 120 members of staff who provide technical, administrative and logistical support for all our activities.

It is based in a purpose-built main headquarters building and the adjacent Einstein Building on the hi-tech activities park in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France.

Luis Romero Vincent-Depagne Corinne-Elena Jorgen-Friis adrian-scrase

Luis Jorge Romero
Director General

[email protected] 

Vincent Depagne
Chief Information
IT & Connectivity
[email protected]

Corinne Elena
Chief Financial
[email protected]

Jørgen Friis
Chief Service 
[email protected]

Adrian Scrase
Chief Technology
[email protected]

For other contacts in the Secretariat please refer to our Contact us page.

ETSI main building


The work of the Secretariat

  • Support officers and assistants look after and support individual committees and projects
  • Centre for Testing and Interoperability provides support and assistance to our technical committees to ensure standards are well-written, complete, clear, unambigious and well-structured
  • A team of editing specialists assists with the processing, approval and publication of the standards that are drafted by our committees (including the operation of editHelp!, a dedicated service with practical aids for drafting standards)
  • Communication services to ensure information on ETSI’s work is available and known
  • Hosting meetings of ETSI committees in the Secretariat
  • Workshop and event management
  • Co-ordinating our relationships with external organizations such as the European Commission and other standardization organizations
  • Financial services
  • IT services
  • Legal services
  • HR services

In addition, we provide support for the two global Partnerships Projects: