Industry Specification Groups (ISGs)

Industry Specification Groups operate alongside our traditional standards-making committees in a specific technology area. They are designed to be quick and easy to set up, providing an effective alternative to the creation of industry fora.

The ETSI Directives lay down how an ISG should operate. But within these rules, ISGs have considerable autonomy:

  • membership of an ISG may consist of both ETSI members and non-members (subject to certain conditions)
  • they have their own voting rules
  • they decide their own work programme
  • they produce Group Specifications (GSs) to be published by ETSI
  • they draft and approve these specifications themselves

All ETSI members have access to ISG working documents.

A list of current ISGs is included in our organization chart.

Getting started

The establishment of an ISG only needs a proposal from four ETSI members and approval by the Director-General. We provide immediate basic administrative support to get things started quickly.

Our ISG team is available to answer questions and help establish new ISGs.