ETSI 3SI Programme: Societal Stakeholders, SMEs and Inclusiveness

To increase the visibility of the European societal stakeholders’ and SMEs’ interests in our work (represented by ANEC, ECOS, ETUC and SBS), we have developed a specific programme to ensure their opinions are better heard.

The 3SI programme involves the appointment of a 3SI Advocate for societal and SME interests, together with a regular high-level exchange on issues related to societal stakeholders, SMEs and inclusiveness.

See our pdfBrochure of the ETSI 3SI Programme.

3SI Advocate

The 3SI Advocate is a volunteer, nominated by the ETSI Board, who is the point of contact for all matters related to societal and SME interests in ETSI standardization. You can contact the Advocate via email.

The 3SI Advocate:

  • Is independent, impartial and neutral
  • Is available for all ETSI Members and chairmen for support or issues on matters related to inclusiveness
  • Will receive opinions raised by the representatives of societal stakeholders and SMEs concerning adopted European Standards
  • Will take a view on these opinions and transmit this view and the opinions to the relevant ETSI committees
  • Will twice a year gather information from ETSI committee chairmen whether there are work items in progress that may be of particular relevance for societal stakeholders and SMEs, and provide a list of such work items to the organizations representing societal stakeholders and SMEs, and to the ETSI Board
  • Will oversee the implementation of the ETSI Long Term Strategy objective on inclusiveness
  • May initiate proposals for further improvements regarding inclusiveness

3SI Meeting

On a regular basis, at least once a year, ETSI organizes a high-level exchange on societal stakeholders, SMEs and inclusiveness.

This exchange involves representatives of the organizations representing societal stakeholders - ANEC, ECOS and ETUC - and SMEs, represented by SBS, the 3SI Advocate, ETSI management (Director General and chairmen of the General Assembly and Board), the European Commission and the EFTA Secretariat. Other ETSI members or experts may be invited as needed.

This meeting provides a regular exchange in order to consider the needs of these organizations, discuss any critical issues and work towards effective ways for finding solutions.

Access the 3SI documents.