IV GRID Plugtests™, Joint European Union/China GRID Days

Further to the success of the 3rd GRID Plugtests in 2006 (200 participants from many different countries), ERCIM, INRIA and ETSI decided to organize this year an enhanced event, IV GRIDs@work in Asia composed of:
-a series of conferences and tutorials: view the programme
-a 4th GRID Plugtests, during which one competition will take place:
the N-Queens Contest.
This event will take place on a Grid infrastructure with many different machines and protocols.
You may provide machines to this effect.

The GRID computing opportunity

Grid computing offers a model for solving massive computational problems using a large number of computers arranged as clusters, embedded in a distributed telecommunications infrastructure.

Goals of the event

  • Bring together Grid Researchers, Industrials and Users;
  • Learn through the Grid users experience about the future features needed for the Grid platform;
  • Learn how to best program Grid aware applications;
  • Get important feedback on the deployment and interoperability of Grid applications on various Grid.

Who should come to the event

  • Researchers and engineers willing to hear about programming techniques for the Grids
  • Researchers and engineers willing to win the N-Queens world record during the Plugtests event
  • Software- and Hardware vendors, service providers and end-users of various industrial fields





Deadlines & Date
Event: 28 Oct - 2 Nov 07
Registration: 28 Sept 07

Venue Adress
CNIC : Computer Network Information Center
Chinese Academy of Sciences
4th South Street Zhongguancun Haidian District Beijing 100080 CHINA