Past Events

Security Week

ETSI Headquarters, 22-26 June 2015

Following our highly successful series of annual Security Workshops, we expanded our event to extend the Security Workshop with more focused thematic streams, to provide more time for networking and offered opportunities for ETSI security-related committees to hold open meetings which all delegates could attend. 


BSI/ETSI Telecoms Standards Workshop

London, UK, 22 June 2015

The future of telecoms standards

Join BSI, ETSI and industry colleagues to learn and network at an event for telecoms industry specialists.


CAdES Remote Plugtests 2015

Remote, 11 June – 24 July 2015

The remote Plugtests™ interoperability event that will be held from 11 June to 24 July 2015, will concentrate on CAdES Digital Signatures. This remote event aims to conduct conformance and interoperability testing on CAdES digital signatures.


Third ETSI Workshop on ICT Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Sophia Antipolis, France, 3-5 June 2015

The third ETSI Workshop on ICT Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability took place on 3-5 June 2015, in Sophia-Antipolis, France


Workshop on Alternative Dispute Resolutions for FRAND Disputes

Sophia Antipolis, France, 4 June 2015

ETSI in partnership with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, a neutral, international and non for profit dispute resolution provider, are pleased to invite you to a workshop on Alternative Dispute Resolution that will take place at ETSI's Headquarters on 4 June 2015.


Wireless media distribution beyond 2020

Sophia Antipolis, France, 6 May 2015

ETSI and the EBU are pleased to announce an important and timely event to examine the future of the delivery of audiovisual media services.

The event will take place on 6 May 2015, at ETSI's Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis (South of France).


PAdES Remote Plugtests 2015

Remote, 04 May - 05 June 2015

The remote Plugtests™ interoperability event was held from 4 May to 5 June 2015 and concentrated on PAdES Digital Signature (PAdES - PDF Advanced Electronic Signature). This remote event aimed to conduct conformance and interoperability testing on PAdES digital signatures. This event was a real success with over 100 participants from 60 different organisations all around the world. 


Small Cell LTE Remote Plugfest 2015

Remote, 13-24 April 2015

The Small Cell Forum, in partnership with ETSI, has organised the first Small Cell LTE Remote Plugfest from 13 to 24 April 2015.


DG CONNECT & ETSI Workshop on Smart Appliances #4

EC DG Connect, Brussels (BE), 1 April 2015

ETSI Board SAP and DG Connect are organizing a fourth and last workshop on Smart Appliances on 1 April 2015 in Brussels.During this final workshop, TNO will present the result of their Smart Appliance Ontology (SAREF) and the audience will be invited to discuss on the way forward.


7th ETSI ITS Workshop

Helmond, Holland, 26-27 March 2015

The ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will take place in Helmond, The Netherlands on 26 – 27 March 2015.

The event will be hosted by ITRI.