ETSI is hosting the 18th Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) meeting on 22 - 23 July 2014 at its premises in Sophia Antipolis, France.

On 21 July a preparation meeting for Heads of Delegations will take place followed by a welcome cocktail. 

Delegations from regional ICT standards bodies, the ITU, IEEE and observer organizations will discuss the state of standards development in the different regions and exchange information on their standardization programmes. 

The goal of the Global Standards Collaboration is to enhance co-operation between participating standards organizations from different regions of the world in order to facilitate exchange of information on standards development, build synergies and reduce duplication. Meeting approximately once a year, GSC provides for the regular exchange of work programmes and other information, and has attracted a growing number of other participants from around the world.

The GSC includes the following standards bodies:

  • ARIB - Association of Radio Industries and Business - Japan
  • ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry - USA
  • CCSA - China Communications Standards Association - China
  • ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • ISACC - ICT Standards Advisory Council of Canada - Canada
  • ITU - International Telecommunication Union
  • TTC - Telecommunication Technology Committee - Japan
  • TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association - USA
  • TTA - Telecommunication Technology Association - Korea

If you believe you should receive an invitation to this meeting, please contact your Head of Delegation or alternatively, contact Ms Geraldine Rey at ETSI.

Please consult our Venue and Accommodation page for information on hotels and travel advice. Personalised letters of invitation can be provided if needed for visa applications. If you require any assistance with your registration or travel to ETSI, please also contact Ms Rey.

Further information and documentation related to this event will be posted closer to the event on the website at: