Releasing the flow - Data protection and privacy in a data-driven economy

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Data is said to be the most valuable asset in the digital economy. Europe adopts an ambitious set of rules to deal with the circulation and protection of data, both private and business related.

Get a grasp of the policy and legislative landscape around data flow in EU and beyond. Discuss the interplay of data with regulation, legislation, technologies and standards. Hear viewpoints and debate with experts coming from different points of the ecosystem.  Come to the ETSI Summit on 19 April 2018.


The interaction between policy, legislation and technology is not  new, but the dynamics between data flow and data protection give rise to new tensions:

  • A Data economy “characterized by an ecosystem of different types of market players collaborating to ensure that data is accessible and usable” is the conceptual foundation of EU policy relating to data flow. It addresses both consumer markets (apps economy) and enterprise markets (finance, transports, energy, etc.).
  • The Protection of personal data: the development of a data economy pre-supposes that citizens trust their online communications and transactions do not equate to handing over their life to economic operators (be they public or private entities). Hence the central role of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will enter into force in May 2018.
  • e-Privacy, which aims at ensuring the respect for private life, confidentiality of communications, protection of personal data in the electronic communications sector, and guarantying the free movement of electronic communications data, equipment and services in the EU.

Of course, definitions and standards alone will not solve those tensions. However they are part of the equation of getting policies that work.  These depend on the generation of adequate legislation, technical definitions, soft law and smart interactions between them.

By joining the one day Summit ETSI is staging on 19 April 2018, you will hear and discuss:

  • The scenery: The European roadmap for data flow, data protection and privacy.
  • The players: What will the EU legislation mean for market players operating in Europe and how do we ensure global collaboration? How will standards support businesses and regulators in the implementation of policy, legislative and industrial agendas?
  • The machinery: How will legislation and standards interact? Standards, certification, codes of conduct, best practices- how will this landscape be shaped by the EU legislation?

Save the date in your calendar and register. Participation is open to all and free of charge upon registration.