1st OSM Hackfest

ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability and the OSM community are organising the 1st OSM Hackfest on 15-19 January 2018. The event will be hosted in ETSI's headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France and co-located with the Second NFV Plugtests event.


Scope & Objectives


The 1st OSM Hackfest will concentrate on VNF on-boarding activities covering Day 0/1/2 operations. It will address complex descriptor development to leverage the full suite of capabilities offered by OSM Release THREE, from service and resource orchestration to VNF configuration with charm development.


  • Install OSM and run some examples
  • Get familiar with OSM's GUI and CLI
  • Create your own VNF and NS descriptors and build packages
  • Understand how to deploy NS/VNF with EPA
  • Learn how to add dynamic LCM with Day-1 and Day-2 actions with charms
  • Basic troubleshooting Special attention will be paid to troubleshoot real cases from co-located NFV Plugtests.

Do you have some specific topics that you would like to see covered during the Hackfest? Please reach us at OSM_TECH@list.etsi.org


Participation is free and open to all. Registration deadline is 5th January 2018.

The hackfest will start on Monday 15 January at 2pm and end Friday 19 January at 1pm.

Who should Attend?

  • VNF vendors, who want to onboard their VNF in OSM following best practices
  • System Integrators, who want to get used with OSM
  • Service providers, who want to get first hand operational experience with OSM
  • Academia and Universities, who are considering OSM as platform for their research activities in networking
  • And, of course, participants in 2nd NFV Plugtests who might have specific demands of troubleshooting for their VNF descriptors or Infrastructure



  • Laptop / VM in laptop Linux installed (preferred, Ubuntu 16.04)
  • User-level knowledge of Linux
  • Familiarity with NFV and SDN concepts


  • Laptop / VM in laptop: MINIMUM: 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 40GB disk
  • RECOMMENDED: 8 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, 80GB disk
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Bring your own VNF
  • Basic knowledge of:
    •  Its internal structure (picture is recommended) and resource requirements
    •   How to change/adapt its configuration
    •   Other known restrictions/limitations
  • VM images available
  • Participating in the NFV Plugtests


  • OSM 101
    • OSM introduction
    • OSM installation
    • OSM user experience from the UI
    • OSM user experience from the client
  • Creating a basic VNF and NS
    • Tutorial. Creating descriptors and packages (simple VNF - single VM, no EPA, no charms)
    • Tutorial. Troubleshooting with VNF and NS descriptors
    • Hands-on session
  • Modeling multi-VDU VNF
    • Tutorial. Creating descriptors and packages (complex VNF - multi-VDU)
    • Hands-on session
  • Modeling EPA capabilities in your VNF descriptor
    • Tutorial. Creating descriptors and packages (complex VNF - multi-VDU, EPA, no charms yet)
    • Hands-on session
  • Adding Day-0 configuration to your VNF
    • Tutorial. Creating descriptors and packages (complex VNF - multi-VDU, EPA, no charms yet)
    • Hands-on session
  • Adding day-1/day-2 configuration to your VNF. Creating a charm for your VNF
    • Tutorial. Creating a charm for a VNF (SSH access, execution of a command, getting the output of that command)
    • Tutorial. Troubleshooting charms
    • Hands-on session
  • Deploying your VNF
    • Hands-on session

Note: Some time will be accomodated every day to troubleshoot issues with OSM that could be raised during ETSI NFV Plugtests.