Towards Setting Environmental Requirements for 5G

ETSI and ITU are pleased to announce the joint workshop "Towards Setting Environmental Requirements for 5G", taking place on 23 November 2017, in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. The one-day workshop will provide a platform for discussion among all relevant parties including policy makers, standardization bodies, vendors, operators and researchers on environmental matters related to 5G.

Furthermore, this event aims to foster the collaboration between ETSI TC EE (Environmental Engineering) and ITU-T SG5 (Environment, climate change and circular economy) on the topic. The workshop will provide the audience with an up-to-date analysis of environmental requirements related to 5G and will identify possible future activities in this field.

Participation to this event is open to all and free of charge upon mandatory registration.


The scope of this event is to present and discuss the work carried out by ITU-T SG5 and ETSI TC EE on environmental requirements for 5G and to provide a platform for further discussion and possible identification of new work items. The following are the main topics which are expected to be covered:

  • analysis and assessment of energy efficiency,
  • resource efficiency to achieve the Circular Economy,
  • powering techniques,
  • protection against environmental phenomena (e. g. lightning) and electromagnetic compatibility,
  • human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The workshop will present existing work carried out in this area and will discuss new standardization activities.

An overview of the topics listed above will be presented as starting point for discussion in order to set the necessary environmental requirements applicable to 5G. The event will provide a platform for interested parties to share their views and identify future activities.

This workshop will support ongoing activities in ETSI TC EE and ITU-T SG5 on environmental requirements for 5G and will aim to increase the cooperation with other standardization bodies.

Target audience

The event may be of particular interest to industry, policy makers, operators and researchers active in the field of 5G.

Why one should attend?

To get latest information on the environmental requirements that might be set for 5G and provide suggestions for the development of standards in this field.

Programme Committee

  • Chairs: Beniamino Gorini (ETSI TC EE Chairman) and Victoria Sukenik (ITU-T SG5 Chairman)
  • Anders Andrae (ETSI WG M-ICT Chairman)
  • Pernilla Bergmark (ETSI TC EE)
  • Mauro Boldi (ETSI WG EEPS Vice-Chairman)
  • Raffaele Bolla (ETSI TC EE Rapporteur)
  • Cristina Bueti (ITU-T SG5 Counsellor)
  • Daniel Dianat (ETSI WG EE Vice-Chairman)
  • Paolo Gemma (ETSI WG EEPS and ITU-T SG5 WP2 Chairman)
  • Richard Hockley (ETSI WG EE2 Vice-Chairman)
  • Didier Marquet (ETSI WG EE2 Chairman)
  • Marcello Pagnozzi (ETSI TC EE Technical officer)
  • Qi Shuguang (ITU-T SG5 Vice-chairman)


08:30 Check-in/registration opens
09:00 Welcome address:
  • Luis Jorge Romero Saro, Director-General, ETSI
  • Chaesub Lee, Director, ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
09:10-09:30 Keynote speech
09:30-11:00 SESSION 1 part 1: The analysis of energy efficiency aspects and its assessment, powering techniques, resource efficiency to achieve Circular Economy
Paolo Gemma, ETSI WG EEPS and ITU-T SG5 WP2 Chairman
09:30 Assessment of energy efficiency of 5G
Mauro Boldi, ETSI EEPS WG vice-chair
09:50 5G network energy performance, in 20 ms and beyond
Pål Frenger,  Ericsson 
10:10 Powering in 5G
Didier Marquet, ETSI WG EE2 Chairman
10:30 Questions & Answers
11:00 Coffee & Networking Break 
11:30-13:00 SESSION 1 Part 2:  The analysis of energy efficiency aspects and its assessment, powering techniques, resource efficiency to achieve Circular Economy
  Beniamino Gorini, ETSI TC EE Chairman
11:30 Achieving higher efficiency and greener with 5G technology
Qi Shuguang, ITU-T SG5 Vice-chairman
11:50 Antenna technology in 5G
Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, Gapwaves
12:10 Circular economy in information and communication technology; definition of approaches, concepts and metrics
Speaker TBC, ITU SG 5
12:30 Questions & Answers
13:00 Lunch & Networking Break 
14:00-15:45 SESSION 2: Protections against environmental phenomena (e. g. lightnings) and electromagnetic compatibility, and human exposure to electromagnetic fields
Mike Wood, Telstra Operations
14:00 Resistibility topics in 5G networks
Mick Maytum, Bourns Ltd. UK
14:20 Impact of 5G technology on human exposure
Fryderyk Lewicki, ITU-T SG5/WP1 chair
14:40 Speaker TBC
15:00 EMC aspects in 5G networks 
Beniamino Gorini, CISPR SC-A chair/ERM-EMC WG vice-chair/ITU-T SG5 WP2/Q4 co-rapporteur
15:20 Questions & Answers
15:45-16:15 Coffee & Networking Break 
16:15-17:00 Panel Discussion & conclusions
Moderated by
Victoria Sukenik (ITU-T SG5 Chairman) and Beniamino Gorini (ETSI TC EE Chairman)
17:00 Close of the workshop