Workshop on Multimedia Quality in Virtual, Augmented or other Realities

ETSI TC STQ is organising a workshop on Multimedia Quality in Virtual, Augmented or other Realities. The event will take place in the ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France, on 10 - 11 May 2017.


TC STQ is responsible for standardization relating to terminals and networks for speech and media quality, end-to-end single media and multimedia transmission performance, Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for networks and services and Quality of Experience (QoE) descriptors and methods.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop aims at covering all aspects of multimedia quality in different environments. We would like to cover the latest developments in this area especially under QoS and QoE aspects. ETSI is interested in fruitful discussion between researchers, implementers, operators, users and standardization bodies. This includes the topics speech, audio, video, tactile and haptics. Besides quality aspects, implementation/5G/architecture and management/monitoring aspects are also covered.

The workshop aims at connecting experts working in this area and providing them the opportunity to present their work, share their experiences and give possible input for future standardization.

Call for Presentations

ETSI is now calling for presentations.  Should you wish to contribute to this event, please refer to the list of topics, submission form, submission deadline, etc. presented under the Call for Presentations tab.

Target audience

  • Researchers, academia, algorithms and systems developers, device manufacturers, network operators and service providers, test houses, standardization bodies.

Programme Committee

  • Hans Wilhelm Gierlich , TC STQ Chairman, HEAD acoustics GmbH
  • Jan Holub, s.r.o (Ltd.)
  • Scott Isabelle, TC STQ Vice Chairman, Knowles Inc.
  • Peter Počta, Ministry of Transport
  • Joachim Pomy, TC STQ Vice Chairman, s.r.o (Ltd.)
  • Carmine Rizzo, TC STQ Technical Officer, ETSI
  • Fredrik Stenmark, TC STQ Vice Chairman, QUALCOMM UK Ltd

Call for Presentations

ETSI is now calling for presentations on the following topics, in no order of preference:

  1. Speech, Audio, Video and Audiovisual Quality
  2. New Sensory Aspect such as Tactile
  3. Testing all aspects of Multimedia Quality
  4. New Multimedia Technologies used in Home and Professional Working Environments
  5. 5G Aspects of Multimedia
  6. Music and Sounds other than Speech in Multimedia
  7. Loudness, Speech Intelligibility and Speech Recognition
  8. Conference Call Techniques and Measurements including new Virtual Conferencing Techniques
  9. 5G Mobile Network Quality Aspects
  10. Role of Emotions in Telecommunication Applications
  11. Terminal and IoT Device Quality Aspects
  12. Quality resulting from Transcoding (audio and video in all combinations)
  13. QoE Architectures and related Considerations
  14. QoE Management and Monitoring

We encourage submitting abstracts on topics not included in the list above if considered relevant to the scope of the workshop.

Should you wish to contribute to this event and submit a presentation proposal, please fill in the attached submission form, making reference to one or more of the topics mentioned and send it to by 20 February 2017.

The programme committee will review and select the submissions fitting the workshop scope in order to build the event agenda. The full event programme will be announced mid-March 2017.