ETSI Summit on 5G Network Infrastructure

SAVE THE DATE! Our industry is buzzing with excitement about 5G. We have read the requirements, both high-level and more detailed. We have pored over the numerous white papers. Standardization plans have been carefully set and work is already progressing. But we have mainly focused on the radio technologies needed for 5G. What about the network behind the radio access system? How will the 5G network infrastructure help to meet the overall 5G system requirements, and is it even fit for purpose?

The ETSI summit on 5G Network Infrastructure will take place on 6 April 2017 in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France.

About the 2017 ETSI Summit

This year’s ETSI Summit will offer a unique opportunity to tackle the many open questions relating to the 5G network infrastructure and the multiple technological developments that will be necessary to meet the requirements of 5G.

The previous ETSI 5G Summit held in April 2016 examined many of the topics relating to 5G, particularly the new use cases that will be supported by the 5G network, as well as the spectrum and radio access aspects. That work would be incomplete without considering the complete 5G end to end architecture.

This 2017 ETSI summit will focus on 5G network infrastructure: the technological solutions that will be needed in order to enable true scalable mobility and to fulfil the ambitious 5G requirements, in terms of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and security. During the event, we will:

  • examine how the limitations of the current network architecture may prevent the realisation of the 5G requirements,
  • hear from 3GPP about their plans for standardization beyond the air interface, and learn their prioritisation of work across their four main requirements groups: enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, critical communications, and network operations,
  • examine the state of development of new or upcoming technology solutions which could influence near-term and longer term 5G work – work which is ongoing both inside and outside of ETSI,
  • hear from ETSI’s partners in standardization, those we work directly with inside 3GPP, and other important organizations who will help shape our future 5G networks.
  • Standardization, both plans and status, will be the thread running through all of our discussions.

Who should attend, and why?

The annual ETSI Summit brings together key decision makers from ETSI members, including operators, manufacturers, service providers, regulators and policy makers, end-user industry sectors and researchers. It is a unique event, perhaps the only event in the calendar where high-level management can exchange and openly debate about standardization priorities, helping to shape the work of ETSI in the years to come.

Each year we focus on a specific but important aspect of ETSI’s work, perhaps none being as important as the 2017 ETSI Summit topic: 5G network infrastructure standardization.

The detailed programne will be available by mid-February 2017. SAVE THE DATE NOW!

The event is open to all upon registration.