Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2016

The Small Cell Forum, in partnership with ETSI, has organized the Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2016 from 27 June to 08 July 2016, hosted by the Telecom Italia Lab in Naples, Italy.

Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2016


The 4th Small Cell LTE Plugfest offered on-site and remote test sessions where vendors were able to assess the level of interoperability of their implementations and verify the correct interpretation of 3GPP and other base specifications.

Telecom Italia as an organising lab invited companies to use the opportunity and connect LAA/LWA products to their macro network. Companies with the following equipment were invited to participate in the testing sessions:

  • Any Small Cell variation: HeNBs, pico-Cells, micro-Cells…
  • SON solution providers
  • Home eNodeB Gateway (HeNB-GW)
  • HeMS vendors
  • Evolved Packet Core (ePC)
  • Operator observers

The Plugfest allowed to validate Small Cell interoperability for the following features:

  • SON:

    - Interference management/Self configuration
    - Small cell / macro network interaction - ICIC
    - Improvements of the previous plugfest features

  • Regression tests: S1, X2 and management interfaces (TR-069/TR-196) and areas such as Security, Mobility (Outbound, Inbound), Voice support via CS Fall-back schemes, Voice and Video over LTE, LIPA/SIPTO, CSG, Carrier aggregation, Location reporting and CMAS

This activity was supported by the European Commission.


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DAY 10


A last Wrap-up conference call was organised with all participants and the ones connected remotly, in order to collect the feedback and comments from the companies after the test sessions.

Athonet ETSI

The ETSI team thanking Athonet for their support to the Plugfest providing an ePC and SIM cards to all participants.

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Baba Graffe Sfogliatelle

In parrallel of the PLUGTESTS, we also organised a CAKETESTS, were participants were able to test each day Neapolitan cake specialities like above: Baba', Graffe and Sfogliatelle.

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Mobile Phone

The companies are performing Mobility test using shielded box, RF cables and UE.

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Testing Sessions 2

Over 50 test sessions including Regression, Mobility, HeMS, SON, PCI, ANR and MRA are being run in parallel among the Plugfest participants.

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The Telecom Italia Team from Napoli and Torino who helped preparing the event since 6 months.

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Testing eNodeB devices

eNodeB devices tested by participants...

Testing with Shielded Boxes

... with the support of UE devices and shielded boxes.

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Group Picture Reginella

The participants are enjoying a networking dinner on the sea cost...

Networking Dinner View

and its associated view of the city of Naples and the Mount Vesuvius by night.

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Testing Sessions

Fruitful ongoing testing sessions between participating companies.

Group picture

Group picture of all Small Cell LTE Plugfest 2016 participants.

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Multicell Testbed

This is a Multi-Cell testbed for Mobility and SON testing.

RF testing room

A RF testing room with shielded boxes and programmable attenuators is also available for the participating companies.

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GPS Antenna Installation

The participating companies are setting up their technical equipment so that the Plugfest can start.

One GPS antenna was installed to give accurate 1PPS timing synchronisation for the eNodeB.

ETSI Welcome presentation

The event has now officially started with the welcome presentation provided by the ETSI team.


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