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Global standards collaboration for a smarter, safer world

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ETSI Security Week paves the way for cybersecurity standards

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ETSI supports Council conclusions – jobs, growth and competitiveness

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ETSI’s digital signature standard PAdES tested remotely all over the world

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ETSI New Specifications on Scenarios for Emergency Communications in Disasters

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Webinar: The Radio Equipment Directive is coming in June 2016 – will you be ready?
15:00 CEST on ETSI BrightTalk Channel 7 September 2015

From 13 June 2016, European Union Member States will apply new rules for placing radio equipment on…

oneM2M Interop
Sophia Antipolis, France 14-16 September 2015

ETSI and TTA are pleased to announce the first oneM2M Interop event that will be held from the 14 to…

Cinema Mezzanine Plugfest 2
Paris, France 21-22 September 2015

The adoption of the Digital Cinema projection has opened new opportunities for the distribution of f…

XAdES Remote Plugtests 2015
Remote 01-30 October 2015

The remote Plugtests™ interoperability event that will be held from 1 October to 30 October 2015, wi…

3rd ETSI/IQC Workshop on Quantum-Safe Cryptography
Seoul, Korea 5-7 October 2015

This 3rd ETSI/IQC workshop on Quantum-Safe Cryptography, hosted by SK Telecom, will take place in Se…

M2M World Gathers at ETSI

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 27 October 2011

ETSI's 2nd workshop on Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, held in Sophia Antipolis, France on the 26th and 27th of October, gathered leading experts from all over the world to hear how ETSI M2M technology standards are being deployed.

Machine to Machine (M2M) communications may appear to be simply another hyped topic, but for the experts who gathered at the ETSI Machine to Machine communications workshop, the subject is very real and developing rapidly. Meeting in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the 26th and 27th of October, participants to ETSI's 2nd M2M workshop looked beyond the M2M standards produced by ETSI Technical Committee M2M to how these standards can be applied to real life applications. This year the focus of the workshop is on implementation and deployment of standards-based solutions, because M2M technology promises to integrate many aspects of our daily lives and numerous applications of M2M are already available.

Participants heard how ETSI's M2M service capabilities based architecture helps federate current and emerging M2M communication technologies into a single harmonized service platform. Numerous major network operators presented their requirements, equipment vendors offered commitments and technology roadmaps, and results from pilot implementations gave clarity and confidence to those who are still wondering how and when to invest. For those who could not participate in the workshop, the workshop programme and copies of the presentations are available to the public from the ETSI website, at

With over 270 registered delegates from four continents, 25 speakers, five live demonstrations of ETSI M2M-based applications and two days of intense discussion, this year's event is even more successful than last year's. Planning for the 2012 event, which will take place again in October, has already started, making ETSI's M2M workshop the primary technical conference on the subject and a ‘must-attend' event for anyone developing or deploying standards-based M2M solutions.

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