ISO Certification

ETSI has been certified to the ISO International Quality Standard since 1994.

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The present certificate states that the Quality Management System of the Institute's Secretariat meets the requirements of the new International Standard ISO 9001:2008 with the following scope:

All processes facilitating the sales, production and maintenance of technical specifications and the support to the Board, the General Assembly, the Technical Organization and Special Committees in administrative, legal, standard production and Information Technology processes, as well as processes related to provision of services to other bodies.

ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system that can be used for internal application by organizations, or for certification, or for contractual purposes. It focuses on the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting customer requirements.

What is ISO ?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was established in 1947 and is a non-governmental worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 140 countries, one from each country.

What is the ISO 9000 Family ?

ISO 9001:2008 is part of the ISO 9000 family of international quality management standards and guidelines that has earned a global reputation as the basis for establishing quality management systems. When you purchase a product or service from an organization that is registered to the appropriate ISO 9000 standard, you have important assurances that the quality of what you receive will be as you expect. In addition, with the year 2000 revision of the standard, quality objectives, continual improvement, and monitoring of customer satisfaction provide the customer with increased assurances that their needs and expectations will be met.

For more information on ISO, please visit the ISO website.