DVB CSA algorithm

The Common Scrambling Algorithm, approved by the Steering Board of the DVB Project, is comprised of the Common Descrambling System and Scrambling Technology. The specification for each is distributed separately under arrangements with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which acts as custodian for the four Companies which have developed the Common Scrambling Algorithm.

The Common Descrambling System will be licensed to manufacturers of decoders and their components, and to providers, designers and other entities engaged in conditional access.

The Scrambling Technology will be licensed to manufacturers of scramblers, who will in turn sublicense to the purchasers of scramblers.

The conditions for receiving the confidential information are specified in the summary of distribution arrangements for the docCommon Descrambling System and docScrambling Technology.

The docxDVB Common Descrambling System Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement or the docDVB Scrambling Technology Licence and Non-Disclosure Agreement have to be signed in order to receive the confidential information.

Please fill in the docDVB-CSA License Application Form.

For further information please consult the docexplanatory note on certain terms governing the distribution agreements of the common scrambling algorithm.

Download the List of pdfDVB Common Descrambling Algorithm Licencees

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