Since 1999 ETSI Plugtests™ events have been a valuable tool in the development of global standards. They provide essential feedback to ETSI standardization committees, thus ensuring solid and workable standards, as well as to the companies whose products are tested at the event. This speeds up standardization and reduces time-to-market.

Participation in Plugtests™ events is open to all companies, organizations and standards groups implementing the relevant standards and is not restricted to any particular ICT technology.

We have experience of events across a wide range of telecommunications, Internet and IT standards. Plugtests™ events may also be run as a strategic co-operation between an ETSI Technical Committee and a partner Forum.

Plugtests™ events enable them to check the coherence of their specifications and wish to provide useful feedback to quickly adapt or improve those specifications.
Plugtests™ is a trademark of ETSI.

How are Plugtests™ events organized?

  • Engineers get together to test the interoperability of their implementations
  • Attended more specifically by vendors or equipment manufacturers
  • Neutral place covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Open to any developer whether they are ETSI members or not
  • Last between 3 and 5 days, more if pre-testing is required
  • Prototypes are in most cases the implementations tested
  • Included in the standardization process and take place within the time frame of the standards drafting

ETSI Plugtests™ events aim at improving interoperability by:

  • Creating an opportunity for companies to test their implementations with their partners and competitors
  • Debugging both the standard and the companies' implementations at an early stage
  • Enhancing the quality of specifications
  • Accelerating the standardization process
  • Reducing time to market and optimize the implementations
  • Supporting the deployment of a technology
  • Enables networking between partners, competitors and other experts
  • Validating Standards

The Plugtests™ team provides:

Technical management:

  • Customized test bed
  • Test cases and specifications for each event
  • Test session scheduling & supervision
  • Test infrastructure design, installation & teardown
  • Online test reporting tool
  • Technical report of the event
  • Collected feedback as input to the standards process
  • IT support

Event management:

  • Dedicated event coordinator
  • Event website and wiki
  • Local and logistical arrangements (hosting site, hotels, catering, shipment, ...)
  • Online registration & payment
  • Legal aspects (MoU, NDA, rules of engagement)
  • Promotion of the event
  • Press/news releases

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