1st ETSI TC M2M Workshop

Registrations for ETSI's first Machine-to-Machine Workshop exceeded all expectations and welcomed 220 delegates from diverse industrial sectors. This high degree of interest reflects the enormous potential that is foreseen for M2M applications and technologies.

Among the delegates already registered are representatives from the world's major telecommunication manufacturers and network operators, security companies, regulators, universities and research institutes.
The workshop presented the current status of Machine to Machine standards work, both in ETSI and in other standards bodies, and examined how M2M capabilities will be one stepping stone amongst several toward the 'Internet of Things'.

SESSION 1:  Setting the M2M Scene

Session Chair: Marylin Arndt, ETSI TC M2M Chairman, France Telecom

  • Welcome
    Walter Weigel, ETSI Director-General
  • ETSI TC M2M presentation
    Marylin Arndt, ETSI TC M2M Chairman, France Telecom
  • Future M2M Applications
    Holger Lenz, Cinterion
  • Expanding the role of mobile network operator in M2M
    Harish Viswanathan, Alcatel Lucent

SESSION 2:  M2M vertical applications

Session Chair: Harish Viswanathan, Director, CTO Advisory Group, Alcatel-Lucent

  • Application of M2M in rural Indian farming
    Raghunath Deshmukh, Sasken Communication Technologies Limited
  • M2M connected home application case based on generic services platform
    Thibaud Cantegrel, Sierra Wireless
  • Fleet management systems for professionals: some specific requirements
    Pascal Bodin, France Telecom

SESSION 3:  Smart Energy

Session Chair: Joachim Koss, ETSI TC M2M Vice-Chair, Cinterion

  • Open Smart grid protocol an open meter protocol
    Mark Ossel, ESNA
  • SmartSantander: the path towards the smart city vision.
    Jesus Bernat Vercher, Telefonica
  • Communication diversity architecture for Smart Meter Networks
    Rob Kopmeiners, Alliander

SESSION 4:  M2M Architecture Aspects

Session Chair: Enrico Scarrone, 3GPP SA1 Chairman, Telecom Italia

  • Open M2M API applications, overview of Eurescom Study P1957
    Karl Ostendorf, Deutsche Telekom AG T-Labs (Research & Development)
  • Addressing unique M2M challenges with converged gateways. Paul Russell, InterDigital
  • Current and future trends in hybrid cellular and sensor networks
    Yongjun Liu, Huawei

SESSION 5:  M2M Future Challenge

Session Chair: Robin Duke Woolley, Beecham Research

  • Trusted and certified M2M transmission
    Ulrich Keuling, 7LAYERS
  • 0verview of the CEPT ECC Report 'Numbering and Addressing in M2M communications
    Sascha Gemming, Chairman of PT Future Numbering Issues within the CEPT
  • Providing security, flexibility and extensibility for M2M architecture with java
    Thierry Violleau, Oracle

SESSION 6:  M2M global collaboration

Session Chair: Omar Elloumi, ETSI TC M2M Vice-Chair, Alcatel-Lucent

  • Mobile network improvements for machine type communications
    Toon Norp, TNO, Chairman 3GPP SA1, SWG M2M
  • OMA M2M activities
    Ileana Leuca, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
  • M2M's intelligent edge – The dynamic interaction between device, network and application and its implications on standardization
    Jeffrey Smith, Numerex, TIA TR50
  • IPSO Alliance (IP for Smart Object) / IETF standard update
    Patrick Wetterwald, President of the IPSO Alliance, Cisco

SESSION 7:  Path towards the Internet of Things

Session Chair: Patrick Wetterwald, President of the IPSO Alliance, Cisco

  • Software defined modems for the Internet of Things
    John Haine, Cognovo
  • Context-aware location in the Internet of Things
    Federico Andreini, Intecs Spa.
  • M2M and cloud synergy
    Sourabh Anpat, Cisco
  • Integrating Smart Cards and SIM cards with the internet of things
    Sebastian Hans, Oracle
  • An introduction to the Internet of Things policy of the European Commission
    Florent Frederix, Head of Sector, EU Commission DG INFSO D4


During breaks, research projects were presented:

OneFIT Project : Opportunistic Networks and Cognitive Management Systems for Efficient Application Provision in the Future Internet
Vera Stavroulaki, University of Piraeus

LOLA Project: Latency requirements in M2M application scenarios
Navid Nikaein, Eurecom Sophia Antipolis

EXALTED Project: toward a new scalable network architecture for secure energy-efficient and cost-effective M2M communications suitable for low end devices
Bruno Corlay, Sagemcom

ENERsip Project : M2M Platform for Generation and Consumption Networks
Prof. Dr. Jose Ignacio Moreno, Dpto Ingeniería  Telemática

CuteLoop Project :  An Approach for Networked Devices Enabled Intelligence
Tatiana Kovacikova, University of Zilina, Slovakia

OCARI Project : an energy efficient WSN
Pascale Minet, INRIA