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Before you apply

Members joining ETSI in the 2nd half of the year benefit from a 50% reduction on the membership fee.

Applicant members awaiting approval of their membership may participate actively in ETSI's work (voting rights are acquired at GA Approval)

Membership of ETSI is for a calendar year and will be automatically renewed each year. You must notify ETSI by 30 September if you wish to withdraw from membership at the end of the current year.

By signing the application forms, your organization agrees to abide by the ETSI Rules of Procedure which are contained in the ETSI Directives.

Guest access to ETSI Technical Bodies and to 3GPP is available for a limited period upon request.

For further information please contact the membership team or refer to the FAQs.

Apply for membership

Apply online: please fill in the membership application online form and follow the instructions given. Please note that we need to receive a signed original application form.

Alternatively you may fill in and return one dated and signed copy of the docmembership application form.

In both cases, to accelerate the process, email or fax (+33 4 93 65 47 16) the signed form to us. Please note that we still need to receive the original.

Post the original to: ETSI - Membership - 650 route des Lucioles - 06921 Sophia Antipolis - FRANCE.

Also let us know about your areas of interest in ETSI via this online new member survey